Bonjour, I am Emmanuelle, a 34 years old, pure Parisian in love with Montmartre, its paved streets and enchanted tourists.

As a true Parisian, I am always on a diet, although, I unfortunately love pistachio macaroons and butter croissants. Never have I ever visited the Eiffel Tower “because we can go whenever”, I am able to queue for hours to try the last trendy place and know by heart every metro station of Paris.

But above all, as the good Parisian that I am, I love fashion and my heart hurts when I see our souvenir shops in Paris. Without taking myself for Coco Chanel, I think our visitors deserve better from the world capital of good taste!

Without thinking twice, I swapped my first life in the advertising industry to create Bons Baisers de Paris, a collection of t-shirts and accessories inspired by souvenirs, the hint of humour and chic on top.

Paris will always be Paris but this time, with a nice little gift to bring back to your friends or to yourself.